Friday, January 1, 2016

Clean Slate

It is January of 2016 I have not posted in months, I am here to try again with fresh ideas.

First off I would like to to say Happy New Year and welcome 2016.
I am going to start with 10 facts about me for all you new and old readers to get to know me again.

1.My name is Jenn
2.I am Canadian And German (hens the name Hello Gutentag )
3.I am a Gymnastics coach
4.I am a Competitive Cheerleading Coach 
5.I am a Competitive power tumbler (form of gymnastics)
6.Superman fan
7.I am an Early Childhood Educator 
8. No Tattoos...YET (have one in mind to get)
9. Favourite colour is blue
10,I drive a Nissan Versa 

My 2016 Goals 

*Maintain my fitness 
*Read More books this year 
*Start and Finish Coca Cola puzzle 
*Take more pictures to look back on next year

What are your goals?

Have a great new year everyone ! 


  1. That's a lot of gymnastics things, sounds fun! I never really kept interested in it after primary school (when someone came around and told everyone of a certain height that we were already too tall at the age of 10).
    Good luck with your goals :)

    1. Never too tall to do gymnastics !
      thanks for stopping by :)
      and thank you have a great year !