Saturday, August 8, 2015

Where Have I Been ???

As you can see I haven't posted a blog post since July first.
First off  my computer was out of commission until about just before last week of July

So between then an now I had completed Mudhero 2015 and had my first vacation since I got out of High school in 2015.

Oh yeah had a hernia repair surgery..

Mudhero 2015, If you don't know what it is, it is a 6km obstacle course through mud with 16+ obstacles, I WAS supposed to do it last year but then there was a hurricane the same weekend so we opt out of it, My co-worker and boss were the ones who completed it with me this year. I had so much fun I am defiantly doing it again.

                we ran to the finish line together                                                   Before


My vacation I spent at my dads house and also had my hernia repair surgery on the 30th of July , I am making out better now that it is healing but still am not allowed to do a whole lot.

Digger Soaking up the sun

New best friends after spending the day together on the day of my surgery 

And the classic Ride on the mower !

My summer is going well I hope the rest of your summer is great !