Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things to do...

.....When you are still having snow days in MARCH!

Yes you read that , today is another snow day we received 30 cm of snow 
And what are some things we can do while having a snow day ?

1.Shovel(but really who wants to do that ?)
3.Start a new book 
4.Finish a book
5.Watch old movies 
6.Drink tea while watching the snow fall
7.Play in the snow (build a fort)
8.Create a new iPod list 
9.Do a at home workout !
10. Organize something in your house

I am done with snow !
PS I love Frozen just thought it was funny !

Sunday, March 15, 2015

300th post

Holy moly I made it to 300 posts !

It has been a while since I last post, so ill tell you what has been going on since last post.

My Cheerleading girls have had another competition, and of course there were bumps along the way like always.
One of our girls is also a competitive gymnast and had a competition on the same time so the junior team were classified as a performance team on Sunday and they did pretty good. some girls have been working very hard on their tumbling and on this performance they got to try out the tumbling in the routine.
On our youth team the girls did the best routines they have ever done and they came 7th out of 8 so we were happy about that they did the their best and that is all we ever ask from them.

The following weekend I had another tumbling competition and I had come 2nd over all and also had the cleanest 1st tumbling line. 
Right now as it stands I am 3rd over all in my level out of 11 athletes and my next competition is at the end of the month and at that competition I will more than likely be called to be represent team nova scotia at the Canadian Eastern Championships as they are taking top 4 from my level and all I have to do is get through my tumbling lines and Ill make the team ! 
Super excited for this !

first line

2nd line

I have gotten my full time hours back ...thank god.

Thats it for now... going to enjoy this snow day we got here