Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend Recap

First off , Hello February.
It has been exactly a week since I had a snow day and here I am again with a snow day across the province of Nova Scotia. not saying I am complaining or anything

Now my weekend was long and eventful as my cheerleading girls had their first competition.
After last weeks stress of not knowing if the girls would get their music or uniforms in time , they got their music Wednesday morning and uniforms came in on Thursday it was competition time on Saturday morning.
As I'm getting ready I get a text from the other coach  and she said one of the girls from the youth teams is sick and can not compete today so, I quickly send out a note out to the parents of that team that the youth kids do not need to come to the competition as they are not competing and would be competing twice on Sunday,
we arrive at the competition 8:30am and go for the coaches meeting and try and get the youth kids to compete twice Sunday and that we got granted.
Once the Junior team arrives we gather them all up and they compete which they did pretty good they were one count off but no big deal!

Sunday rolls around and the youth teams turn to compete they competed once at their regular time which was a hot mess, they completely missed their dance as they were lost in the routine . then Junior goes again they do pretty good but first day was better . Then Youth competes at the very end of the day and they did 100 times better than the morning.
Over all we are proud of the girls , Considering they just got their music Wednesday we did pretty good ,both teams came in last but we were not looking at that. 
Both teams grew as a team and improved so much since Wednesday!

What was your weekend like ?

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