Sunday, December 7, 2014

Birthday Recap

 Last Thursday was my 23'rd Birthday.
Although it was a quiet birthday it was nice, I did have to work but my toddler kids had given me huge birthday card with stickers ALL over it (don't think we have any stickers left in the classroom).
And one toddler gave me a card on her own , she said Jenn its your birthday I made you a card , its your birthday Jenn! cutest thing ever.

Mom had bought me a hair dryer and slippers and an Frozen bookmark to go with the bunch of books I haven't read yet !

Boyfriend bought me a Hair straightener that I got early because mine was broken,

Dad got me a superman one piece footy pj's  that I am going to be wearing at my Christmas staff party, which once again is PJ party !

And I also got my winter tires put on my car for my birthday/Christmas from my moms boyfriend

That was my Birthday in a nutshell and now im off to watch Girl Meets World 

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