Friday, December 26, 2014

A little Christmas spirit

Before I go on and telling you guys what I had received for Christmas
I want to tell you what happened on our way to my dads house for Christmas.

The boyfriend and I were heading out to my dads house for a Christmas dinner 
and along the highway we see a car broken down with a blown out tire. 
So as a tow truck driver the boyfriend stopped, after trying and trying to get the tire off, he couldn't so he offered them a ride home,  we back tracked to drive them home when we got them home they offered us a huge basket of chocolates for driving them home !

If that wasn't Christmas spirit then   I don't know what is!

Now on to what I got ...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas as I did

On Christmas eve  I opened my presents from my mom  and recieved ,,,,

Coca Cola puzzle (starting that today)
Two new pairs of leggings
A mini Shovel for my car 

And at my dads I received...
An Ipod docking station (so excited)
and FUZZY PEACHES, my favorite!

What did you receive for Christmas? 

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