Sunday, November 2, 2014

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A friend kindly reminded me that I haven't posted since the 13th of October so I decided that it is time for a update of whats been gong on around here.

Now that Halloween is over, i hope you all had a great night whichever way it went if you went trick or treating, took children out or handed out candy . I passed out candy from the daycare while handing out flyers(we are low on children so we need more)


Yesterday my puppy well not so puppy anymore had his 3rd birthday ! We had bought him a new toy, not like he needed it anyways because he has tons even ones from when he was a puppy still , he doesn't tear them apart !

As for work I recently picked up a new job teaching a recreational cheerleading class that runs 8 weeks at a time for a hour each time. The class is almost over but a new will start in the winter or something like that !. Also a few weeks back because we don't have that many children at the daycare my hours got cut from 40 hours a week to 18 hours a week temporarily hopefully its not for long.

Until next time. 

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