Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Social

Hello Lovelies
It is a nice sunny day here, I just may go catch some sun a little bit with a book.
But, before I do that here is a little Sunday Social for you, I know its been a while since I've done Sunday Social but I am going to try and get back into it!

1. When do you take time for you?
Usually in the morning when I first wake up I give my self a hour for me time 

2. What do you find to be your biggest weakness?
At the moment I'm not sure it used to be drinking Coca Cola but not any more !

3. What is your biggest attribute?
I would have to say  that I am very patient , I get told that ALL the time.

4. What is your favourite place to shop online?
I have only shopped online once and it was from the book store.

5. What is your favourite place to kill time?
would have to say Walmart  or the mall 

Tune in for next Sunday's Sunday Social 


  1. I WISH I was a patient person. I really try to be but I'm not at all. My husband is the patient one. haha! Pepsi used to be my weakness but I have been Pepsi free for over 2 years now! yayy!! It's a hard thing to cut out so kudos to you for cutting out the Coca Cola


  2. Hey I'm stopping in from Sunday Social! I sooo wish I was patient, but it is just so hard for me. Maybe you can share some of your patience ha ;)


    1. I wish I could share ! being patient just comes naturally for me I guess !
      thanks for stopping by :)

  3. i'm working on my patience skill,,

  4. I agree with wal-mart! Its the go to place lol especially if you need to feel better about yourself. Just go people watch for about 10 minutes.

  5. I'm not a very patient person... working on that!