Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello May ; #BEDM

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First off i'd like to say hello to May
Like I do every month; where did the month go ?
May is going to be a busy month along with the challenge I am taking, I stumbled across it while looking through some blogs.
  You will see posts from this and along with posts of my own

Today's Topic is - What is your Blog all about ?

What is Hello Gutentag all about ?
Well I like to think it as a place where I just write whatever and whenever.
Free of judgment ; not caring what other people think.
Its for my enjoyment, if you don't like it then don't read it.

Like right now I am going to tell you that I have gone 8 days without drinking any coca cola, if any of you know me I LOVE coca cola and drink it every day at least once and here I am gone 8 days (and counting) without it.

So Hello Gutentag is my place and you can hangout here too if you would like !

What is your blog about?


  1. I commend you on not drink coca cola! I can sometimes go a day without Dr. Pepper. But two is pushing it! So congratulations! :)

    1. Thanks and I am still going strong !