Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Night On BIg Brother Canada

Last night on Big Brother Canada...

We had the HOH competition.
They were paired up and one partner had to hold a rope that contained a metal container and the others had to go into this dirt pile and find their colored potato , throw it into opponents containers causing the container to get heavy and them having to let go of the rope.
When there was one pair left up the two battled it out in the dirt pile trying to find a golden potato.
The last pair standing was Andrew and Arlie 
and Andrew won because Arlie threw the competition he did not want any "blood on his hands"
So the HOH Andrew had a decision to make of who he wanted to put up on the block.

He knew for sure he was going to put up Paul, for two reasons one because he put him up and two because he thinks Paul is annoying and making Andrew look like a person he is not.
Then he had to choose who to put up next to Paul and he decided to go with a strong social player and he went with Neda. She kinda  had an idea she would go up but she was still upset.
After the nomination ceremony Paul tried to make Andrew look like a bad person to the house guests and which the house guests were not putting up with that and were sticking up for Andre.
With that happening I think the house guests will vote out Paul as long as he doesn't get the veto which I don't think he will.
 Find out Thursday who won the POV and if it was used or not.

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