Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get Your Irish On!- NOTD

Hello lovelies!
After my last #2014BloggerChallenge being a nail post and me not realizing what kind of posts I could have been posting because, I get my nails done just about every 3 weeks and I think it would be cool to share them with you!

Before I share what I got done this time just want to let you know I never know what kind of design I'm going to get I always tell her do whatever you want.
This time I got something for St Patrick's day and she went all out on my nails this time!

Thought it was pretty cool with the four leaf clover and the lines. What do you think?


  1. That shamrock nail is so cool!! Well, the other ones are nice too :). Ireland is my second home, and St Patrick's day ornaments are special to me :).

    1. sorry for the late reply but thank you! i love them, and I am glad you liked them :)