Sunday, March 9, 2014

And She's Outta There !

Before i get on to this big brother update which  should have been done on Friday
I should have posted a list of the contestents so you knew who I was talking about so here is a list 

The two nominees were 
Anick + Andrew

Thursday night they had the POV (power of veto Competition)
The players were dressed up as super hero's and had to break through a series of doors and  break through glass 
And Andrew won the POV so he took him off the block.
Leaving Paul to put someone else on the block and he choose Ika

But in the end of the night when it came to eviction time 
the votes were unanimous 11-0 for Anick to go home.
I am kinda glad she is gone she kinda creeped me out a bit because she was so la la all the time.
she could have gone far if she did not try her Chrystal stuff on the cast. that's what I think anyways.

After all that happened the host introduced the twist where 3 other people are put in the house in a separate room called the War room and us the viewers get to choose which person actually gets to go into the house as a house guest! I think that is so cool . they will be in that room for a week and all week Canada will vote for who they want to go into the house!
Next week we will find out who will be going into the house.

Tonight is going to be the HOH contest! 

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