Sunday, December 1, 2013

My earliest christmas memory -The Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop

Starting today till December 13 you will be seeing some posts for a blog hop that I am participating in !

Todays topic is my earliest Christmas memory
this one is going to be short one and not necessarily a good one ahah 
When I was younger I had this friend we did everything together .
He lived down the street from me.
We thought we were spy's , we had watched all the spy kids movies together
well one Christmas I asked for a telescope
and well on Christmas morning to find out I did not get one.
I went  down to see what he had gotten and what do I see as soon as I walk into the living room ?
I was kinda upset at the time, now I just kind of laugh at it
honestly I don't think I would have used it as much as I thought I would have !
What is your earliest memory ?

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  1. Oh no! That kinda happened to me one Christmas. A cousin of mine got a toy I wanted, and she didn't even want it, but she didn't want to swap presents with me!

    No, I don't hold any grudges at all... :P hehehe

    Thanks for sharing!