Saturday, December 21, 2013

Leibster Award

Guess what guys, I've been nominated for a Leibster Award 

What is a Leibster award you ask ?
It was originally given out to people with less than 2000 followers and now it is given out to people with less than 200 followers !

You need to link back to the nominator 
State 11 Facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions given to you 
Nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers 
And give those nominated 11 new questions


11 Facts about me 
I am a coca cola addict 
I work in childcare
I Coach Gymnastics and Cheerleading 
I Compete in Tumbling 
I am Graduating in may (all done school)
I love to sing (cant sing well though)
I live in Canada
I just recently got my drivers licence 
I love reading 
I still live at home with mom and my boyfriend
I am 22 Years old 

My nominators questions 

1.   If you could give one piece of advice to a younger you, what would it be?
Pay attention in school !

2.   What is your favorite blogging topic?
Things that happen to me in life

3.   What was the hardest post for you to write so far?
sometimes when im given a topic to write about.

4.   Favorite type of exercise?
Anything gymnastics related 

5.   Do you have any pets and if so, what are they?
A dog and his name is digger ! <3

6.   Do you believe in an afterlife?

7.   What is one parenting blunder you wish you could undo?
I am not a parent.. 
8.   What was your proposal like?  Was it your dream proposal?
Haven't been proposed to yet

9.   Have you voted in every presidential election that you could have?

10. What is something you have wished for more than once?
To get into daycare that i am comfortable with (and I have !)

11.  How do you see your blog changing in the next five years?
Hopefully for the good ! being more organized and more posts 

My questions for the nominees 
1.What are you top 3 favorite blogs ?
2.What social media do you use the most ? and why
3.What is your favorite holiday?
4.Do you have a car? what kind?
5.What is your favorite song RIGHT NOW?
6.What are 3 must see shows that you watch ?
7.Favorite movie
8.If you could go ANYWHERE in the world where would it be ?
9.How do you keep your blog posts organized or do you just go with the flow?
10.How did you come up with your Blog name ?
11.What do you love about blogging ?

and my nominees are
only doing a few

seasons greetings