Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Concerts

After work on Thursday night I came home and mom had told me our little girl neighbour had called for me for some reason,
so I called her back to find out why she called me.
to find out she wanted me to go to her Christmas concert and that she had bought me a ticket , so I obviously said yes , (I am her best friend)
it gave me a chance to go into my old elementary school.
not a lot has changed, still same music teacher who still looks the same.
I sat with her parents throughout the concert and I got to watch the concert and a lot of the children I knew from daycares and having them live around the neighbourhood.
Her class was singing about baking cookies so they were dressed up as chefs.
and well her hat kept falling off and was the only one that was falling off.
you can see her in the top row in the middle trying to keep her hat on
It really was a sin but so funny

we were waiting for her to just take it off and throw it like Americas funniest home video style
over all it as a nice little concert. I know for sure I made someone's whole night by going :)


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  1. It's bee ages since I went to any children's concert! But from my memory its always so cute, the way they sometimes mess up! I remember going to cheer for my brother when I were younger :)