Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inspired- Guest Post

Hey guys today I want to introduce you to an awesome blogger
he came to me and emailed me and asked me if he could guest post on my blog and I said sure !
he asked me what to write about and I told him to write about what inspires him when it comes to writing , so here it is !
I started writing when I was a teenager, for the same reason that a lot of the other kids my age did - depression. I wrote poems that would make even the hardiest men squirm. However, slowly, I began to explore topics other than depression through my verses. From then on, it morphed into more and more forms. As of now, I write lyrics for songs, proses for spoken word and also maintain a blog where I tell stories and express ideas. Up until now, I never quite sat down to think about what inspired me to write, but when Jenn asked to write about it, I began to contemplate on what exactly drives me to keep on writing.
1. I make sense of things through writing
In life, there are lots of things that make you wonder. For me, it's mostly about society and its norms. Why do people get obsessed over the latest iPhone? Why are those in need treated with either apathy or patronizing sympathy? Whenever I have these questions racing through my mind, I would pick up the pen. The ink starts to flow across the page. As I write, I'm forced to think about the problem in very specific ways. If the sentence that I just wrote doesn't sound right, I would re-rewrite it. If the sentences need to be re-arranged, I would put them in the proper order so that it would be more coherent Mostly, what I write is very short; sometimes it's only one or two lines. I write down what I see; I write down what I think of; I also sometimes write down what I did - if it's important enough - in order to 'explain' to myself what just happened. Writing is how I make sense of the world and my experiences with it.
2. I have specific goals for writing
This is perhaps the biggest difference between me writing now and me writing when I was 15. Imagine two men who are swimming. The first only does it because he enjoys doing it, but the second does it because he's preparing for the Olympics. Which man do you think would be more motivated and persistent in swimming? Because of that, I write so much more now. Currently, my goal is to have 100 published posts on my blog (I'm 10 posts shy from achieving that) and also to write a 5,000 word e-book. While achieving these goals doesn't necessarily mean I'll be a great writer by the end of it, it is undoubtable that I will be a better writer. Knowing that I have a target, pushes me to write even more. ; having something to chase after is inspiring. The feeling can even be addicting, especially when the goal can be achieved incrementally (and I suggest that your goals are like that too), because when you can measure yourself, you can feel satisfied about what you have achieved so far and be excited for what waits for you at the peak. Other than that, we all live only once, so why waste it by having no direction? Writing is how I push myself to achieve bigger and bigger things in my life.
3. I want to live through my writings
Two weekends ago, I was in Paris for the third time, but it was my first time at places like the Pantheon and Versailles Palace. The Pantheon, aside from being one of the most famous architectural monuments in the world, is also interesting for another fact - it hosts the tombs of many great French public figures. My brain went into deep thought when I saw, in large letters, names like Voltaire and Descartes. These men have been dead for centuries, yet their names are still uttered by at thousands daily and are mentioned in countless writings. While I'm not specifically aiming to down in the books alongside Plato or Ibn Sina, I am constantly reminded of the fact that while people may die, their ideas can live on indefinitely. What I write, has the potential to live on even till the end of time. It may not survive in its current form; it may morph into other ideas, and then be flipped upside-down, then back again, but a trace of it will live on. It's similar to how parents live through their children. While the bits of themselves will be diluted more and more further down the time-line, it's undeniable that they are in a way, surviving through their descendants - ideas are my descendants. Writing is how I ensure that I will never die.
That its self is inspiring no ?
be sure to check out his awesome blog !

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