Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For the love of dog - Guest Post

Hi guys
Today I want you to meet this lovely blogger and her story about her dog.
This blogger is a huge inspiration to me as she is a young blogger and she doesn't write nonsense.
shall we get started ?

Rewinding back a few months, I lost my beloved dog. My little tea-cup Maltese; Maddie. She rather lived a long life. Longer than the expected life of a 'tea-cup' puppy. Healthy and well taken care of, at the age of 10. 

Oh wait, I never introduced myself. Well, let me properly introduce myself: Jordan Silberman is my name. I’m a 15 year old ‘Lifestyle and More’ Writer and Blogger, as well as a soon-to-be author of my own book (in the works), but I can’t add that to my resume just yet.

SillySilberman is my blog, my brand, my business… my LIFE. I think of my followers as amazing friends. They have opened me up to many opportunities. They deserve more than just a label.
Anyhow. I lost my puppy, a huge devastation for the family, especially for my Mother. She received Maddie as a surprise Christmas gift. 

She passed from a crushed trachea. It was kind of a sudden thing too. I noticed she was breathing like she was underwater, that gargling noise. I insisted that my mother and I immediately take her to the vet. We got there and all they told us what that she needed emergency surgery and to get to the medical group asap, 40 miles away.

Rushed her to the medical group following an extremely long day. We practically was there for hours. She ended up passing on the next morning due to her trachea being shattered and crushed from a growth that was there. Sad. So we put her down instead of having her suffer on the machines. :(


My father works in the entertainment business. We own a couple companies in the industry. So we deal with hundreds of clients daily. My father was on the look-out for a new dog about a week later. A client, who was apart of a rescue team for animals, came in with the cutest Maltese-Terrier mix. Black ears, White body, and a little bit of Grey right at the tip of his tail.

While out-and-about with my mom, she got a text followed with pictures of the tiny dog and a phone call saying it was in the office. 

She stated that when she saw the dog "I knew that it was okay to let go, and be okay with another dog". 

(ignore my younger sister's mouth. LOL)

This is Charlie, a Maltese-Terrier mix, a hyper little boy. A good friend of my parent's is Owner & President of the Kris Kelly Foundation, a very well-known rescue and adoption foundation here in Venice, California. She rescued now 'Charlie' from a dumpster in South Bay.

What kills me is look at this dog... IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER!! Who would throw this thing away? Sadly, he is still overcoming his fear of big items. He starts to squeal and scream when a big dog walks near him, or if someone takes full trash bags and walks by him. 

My mother has a feeling that he was used as 'bait'. Bait meaning used to rile up other dogs for dog fights. 

Anyhow, that is the story of how I've come to be an owner of the cutest puppy. As of now, Charlie is happy, healthy and full of energy. He's grown huge since we brought him home about a month ago. He's only around 6 weeks old! 

Do you have any dog stories? 


I hope everyone will go and check her out :)

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