Friday, October 18, 2013

Inside the classroom

Happy Friday Everyone !
Todays post is going to be an inside of my little classroom that I work with 8 Preschoolers everyday !
It started out like this !
 And now is like this,
 as you can see you can see the dramatic play area over there in the corner
 and this is the block area with a car table, you can see the part of the birthday wall and the huge helpers wall (which everyone each day has a different job like lunch or snack helper , helps with the garbage or line leader)

this is the circle area
a close up of the circle area board
My day starts at 8:15 I come in and gather up my children and go in to our classroom and have free play until snack which is at 9:15 then we have circle around 9:30 we do our days of the week figure out what days it is and what the weather is then we practice some of our alphabet as you can see on the board their practicing their letter B. we sing some songs and possibly play a game.
Around 10:00 we go outside till 11:15 depending on weather.
At 11:30 we have lunch and usually listen to a story on cd while eating (keeps them quiet ahah)
at 12 till 2:30 its rest and nap time(and breaks for teachers)
Then at 2:30 I round up my children and bring them back to our classroom for either free art time or a planned art until snack comes at 3:00
we eat snack then usually go out side between 3:15 and 3:30 then that's where the kids are until they get picked up .
It is a long day for most children as they are there from almost open time till closing time which is 7-6
I have 4 girls and 4 boys in my classroom ,
on Monday I have 6 children
Tuesday is all 8 ... that's a handful
Wednesday I have 7
then on Thursday I have 6 and same with Friday
Friday is the day I look forwards to.
I love the children dearly but you gotta have a break some time eh
So there you have it my classroom which I just adore . I am glad I decided to go into childcare.
I just hope I get to stay at this daycare, come may ill find out if the teacher I am covering for her mat leave is coming back or not.
Don't get me wrong she is an awesome teacher, I honestly don't think anyone could beat her as a teacher. but id love to say at that daycare as it is a 5 min walk from my house ! cant beat that !
well thanks for stopping by and seeing my classroom have a great weekend and see you all on Sunday for Sunday social ! 


  1. i love your class room. though i don't know how you handle 8 kids. haha

  2. I love the layout of you blog! The design is really sharp and neat :)

    Katie xo

    1. thanks for stopping by!, I love the layout as well , thanks :) the designer was very easy to work with !