Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finally Done.

hello all you lovely people
Thursday I got the best news ever !
If you remember I was doing an online course over the summer to get the last credit to become an level 2 Early Childhood Educator and get my diploma,
well since I finished the course I've been trying to log in to the system to find out my grade and well it wasn't working.
I emailed the college and they told me to call some number so I did....
for 2 months every lunch hour I would call and I would get the busy signal and I was getting very MAD.
Then Thursday i FINALLY got thru and to find out the password wasn't working because they had my birthdate as 2003 instead of 1991... wouldn't they figure out that they had a 10 year old on college ? yeah I don't know about that one !
ANYWAYS, after figuring that out and getting logged in and going to the grades page I see this !
Student Name: Jennifer Goodall
Term Course Title Grade
2013S FAM1250 Language and Emergent Literacy A
never thought I would get an A, but I did it !
So now I am waiting on my transcript  and then send it to my college and they will send my diploma and I will be graduating in May.
The stress of this wait has been finally lifted,
I can now be at work in ease not having to worry about knowing if I am actually going to graduate or not!
Here's to a happy Jenn!

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