Monday, August 5, 2013

Free At Last

For now....
Mom and her boyfriend left for Germany for 3 weeks on Saturday. The boyfriend and I have the house to our selves till the 25th !
Friday night we went to the boyfriends moms house for supper while eating his mom told us her boyfriend was driving up to New Brunswick (about 5 hours from where I live) to pick up his girls who are moving in with him and her. and my boyfriend decided he was going to help bring his girls and the stuff back here.
So Saturday morning came very fast 4:30am we got up and got ready to mark our journey to New Brunswick. we drove all the way there and back in time to get my mom to the airport ! needless to say it was an early bed time for us !
Sunday we were going to go to my dads but we were not feeling it at all we just decided to have a lazy day. I caught up on my shows and watched Safe Haven (such a good movie!. I LOVED IT).
then stayed up for a few hours chatting with my friend who is in Italy for vacation , he's having a blast !
Now that it is Monday and I have the day off because it is Natal day here !
I am currently watching Julie and Julia  it is a great movie so far
Have you watched Safe Haven or Julie and Julia ?

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  1. Hey!I just came by your blog and its so weird that I literally watched safe haven for the first time last night with my boyfriend!:) we loved it, it was nothing like we expected!
    I'm just after starting my own blog and I'm so new to it all!:O I love it but I dont have a a clue what to do in terms of getting people to actually read it!...if you could give any advice it would be great :)