Friday, July 26, 2013

A Great Time !

This post was supposed to be written like a week and half ago but that's okay !
I've been so caught up in Facebook games I'm sorry
But a few weeks ago the boyfriend and I went to visit my dad for the second time together.
When we got there dad took us out for A&W mmmm :)
We got back to his place and we picked up digger and we headed out to the Bay of Fundy, which is a beautiful place by the way and dad got some pictures I'm going to share!
the boyfriends first time at the Bay of Fundy
The diggers too !

 I think this is the cutest picture, the boyfriend and digger looking out at the water !
Daddy and daughter selfie !
After the fundy we went back to dads and we sat out in the yard and waited for supper to be cooked we had some lovely steak and potatoes and carrots , It was soo good we brought some home !
over all we had a great trip to my dads and we are planning on visiting him next weekend again !
Happy Friday everyone :)

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