Thursday, May 2, 2013

Promt 2 - Educate

Here we are again for the blog every day in May
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Today is all bout educating you readers about something I'm good at or know a lot about,
and what am I good at ? well I'm good at coaching gymnastics , so I'm going to give you some tips on gymnastics or basically what I tell my kids all the time when I'm coaching them.
*Gymnastics revolves around one skill... The HANDSTAND
When doing a handstand ,you need to keep your arms TIGHT and your legs straight and toes pointed.
*When doing anything in gymnastics you need to stay TIGHT and the one thing I always tell my kids is to squeeze your BUM ( I get a lot of giggles out of that one)
*NEVER EVER land with your arms behind you , if your going to fall land with your arms in front of you ( I learned the hard way and fractured my elbow)
*ALWAYS look where your going so your not getting kicked or squished by another athlete !
There you have it the gymnastics basics
Oh p.s don't you love my new design ? it was done by Sabrina , she is awesome to work with and is quick with her design and is just awesome all in general !


  1. Love the new design and great tips for gymnasts!

  2. I used to do gymnastics. It was the prime memory of my childhood. Oh, how I wish my parents wouldn't have let me quit. I still dream of the uneven bars at some nights. seriously.

    Isn't that sick?
    Now I'm losing my back handspring.