Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Childhood

Today were supposed to dig deep into our childhood and go in depth about something from then.
so here goes mine !
first one was when I was going into grade 2, I was at my aunt and uncles with my family and me and my brother decided to go on the fourwheeler . my brother decided to go REALLY fast and I told him to slow down because it was scaring me, and we ended up hitting a rock and flying down into a ditch. I woke up apparently after hitting my head on a rock to my brother carrying me up the hill with blood running down my leg.
my mom was not home at the moment so my dad had to take me to the hospital where I got 5 stitches  and now have a V shaped scar on my knee from the fourwheeler rolling over my knee.
needless to say I haven't gotten on one since . and I still remember it like it was yesterday !

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