Thursday, May 30, 2013


I almost made to the end of Blog everyday in may I only missed2 but then I thought I missed yesterdays as well I might as well end there. and plus I blogged over 30 times this month so that counts right ?

I'm going to get my posts ready for in June all about my new job at the daycare that some of you already know about.
If you remember back at the beginning of May. I set my self some goals well here's an update
Go to the gym at least 2 times a week .... well that didn t really happen lets try again in June ?
Do spring cleaning in my closet  this never happened either . IT WILL HAPPEN. It needs to
Finish the 50 shades trilogy  SO CLOSE  a book and some pages left
Have a good start at my online course ,- on my end its good. the teacher hasn't even graded anything and we have passed in  yew

Create a summer to-do list  totally forgot about this one
Get my beginners I DID IT I DID IT !!!. I start my drivers course July 4th !

oh P.S I'm loving my new job !

and I will leave you with this :)


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