Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend/Thursday Recap

Most weekends start Friday night right ? well ,mine started Wednesday night well so I thought...
Thursday morning I get called in to work at gymnastics for a hour so that's all fine and dandy I go in to work and do my class then I get a call from the daycare saying they need someone to come in so I went in until 6 and then I got another call from gymnastics saying I need to come in for another hour so at 8 I went in. and mind you all this was supposed to be my first day off from school !
You can bet I was tired !
Friday I also got called in at the daycare so I worked 9-6 then went to my boyfriends moms place for supper we had this delicious casserole
Saturday I went to work as usual but today I only worked until 12:30 because I had a friends baby shower to go to ! it was really exciting to see all my friends from high school and shoot the shit so to speak haha then Saturday night I had pretty relaxed night.
Sunday me the boyfriend went to get the crown Vic that he bought which he is now deciding to sell it... such a waste of time I don't even know what to say UGH.
but then Sunday night I got to help coach the cheerleading team at my work for the first time it is making me very excited to coach in the new season !
I am currently sitting outside on my deck writing this post I went to the gym this morning and  I am feeling good . it is a beautiful day out today so excited to spend the afternoon outside with my doggy :)
Have a great day !
Jenn xo


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