Monday, February 11, 2013

Update :Isaiah Alexander

As some of you know that my friend had her baby December 31st and was born 8 weeks early
Well here is a little update on him :)
He was brought home to the hospital January 25th, he was doing very well ad so be got to be brought home early . and  he is still doing good !
The momma is still going to school while her dad is looking after the baby. I haven't gotten a chance to see the baby yet out of the hospital because I was sick but I will be hopefully this week !
and ready for a picture overload , hes just too darn cute !
 On the way home !
 Home :)

 First Bath at home

Past out having tummy time !
He is a month and 11 days old !
Isn't he cute !?
Aunty Jenn is very proud of him and the family !
Jenn xo


  1. oh my, his cute little hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my cuttest baby! love his hair. adorable!!

    1. The hair kills me I love it !
      Thanks for the comment :)