Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First things first #1

Hello ladies :)
Today I've decided to try a new link up how exciting :)
First Things First
1. First thing you do at the gym
well I don't actually go to a work out gym but I do go to a gymnastics gym and the first thing I do there is skip or run to get warmed up !
2. First date with your current significant other
Actually our first date was a hangout session at the mall lol

3. First email address
Jennifer_goodall189@hotmail.com    don't use it anymore but my email addresses have spawned off that one !
had this one made when mom first got a computer, brother made it for me

stay tuned for next weeks  First things first !

Jenn xo


  1. Ooooh. How cool to work out at a gymnastics gym! I think it's awesome that you're a gymnastics coach. :)That is something I totally admire.

    1. Awh thank you ! , I've been coaching for about 5 years now

  2. I used to do gymnastics and stuff, and I kind of miss it now! It was definitely always fun, when I wasn't falling on my head or something! Hahah :) And at least your first email address wasn't something super crazy like most of the rest of us! Glad you linked up with me today!

  3. I love that you had a hang out session at the mall. All I can picture is a boy and a girl holding hands and going into Claires for some super cool accessories :)

  4. I like that your first email address was normal... mine was DanceGirl something. Ha.