Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do your job

I've wanted to do this post since I did the poster but just did not have any motivation so here it is!
As you all (most) know Im studying to be an Early childhood educator  
and in one of the classes we had to create a motivational art piece and me being not creative at all I came up with this
Some of you may have seen it on instagram 
The reasoning behind this is because in my placements at daycares there is always one teacher or more just are just leaning on the counter or sitting at the table talking to other teachers and not really paying any attention to the kids.
So I wrote DARE TO PLAY because I wanted dare teachers to go and play with the kids. trust me when I say this it goes a long way and makes the day go faster. you don't have to be doing what they are doing but at least be on the floor with them and play with the toys.
This is my number one pet peeve when the teachers are just there, not interacting with the kids
I don't know what kind of mark I got on this but Ill let you know !
Jenn xo
P.S what is your number one pet peeve ?

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