Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Brother Canada (spolier alert)

I am Beyond excited right now because...

I love big brother all around. but the fact that they made a big brother Canada is AWESOME !
There are 3 people in the house that are from nova scotia (hometown) whaat !?
The rest are from T.O or Alberta
I love big brother Canada because they have FREE live feeds(i can watch BBC whenever i want now !)
On BBC they have a phone that rings and the first person to answer it is set on a mission
Suzette answers
She gets told to go into the diary room
and gets told she is the very first HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD and is to nominate 2 people for eviction within the hour
She nominates
Tom and Emmett


So then they fight it out for power of veto and their task was to pop as many balloons with their belt to get puzzle pieces to finish the puzzle.
Tom won power of veto.
He defiantly will take him self off the block but tune in tomorrow to see what happens and who goes home first !

Jenn xo

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