Friday, January 25, 2013

Week Wrap Up

Hello Friday!
I cannot believe its Friday!, it’s been a week I tell ya...
Since Sunday I’ve had a cold and its killing me !
Monday had school and did absolutely nothing that day
Tuesday let me tell you about Tuesday well Monday night/Tuesday morning I was sleeping and I had a can of coke on my beds shelf and have been there for like 2 weeks and so in the middle of the night my pillow decided it was going to knock it over. so here I am thinking the dog is peeing on my head I wake up in a panic and scream "ORY DIGGERS PEEING ON MY HEAD" little did I know it was the coke so it went all over my pillows and bed so i had to cuddle up with ory for the rest of the night.
then the morning comes and threes a snow storm brewing outside so I take my time getting to school only to say screw it and go back home so I did that and went to go back to bed and I tried to pull the blanket up over my head, the blanket didn't want to go much farther so I ended up letting go and punching myself in the eye so I had a black eye and a scab on my eye. Totally glad I called it quits on Tuesday aha
Wednesday I went to school and tumbling nothing in particular happened.
Thursday and today I was at my new practicum placement, I’m with the jr preschoolers which are ages 2-4 I’m so glad I’m with them and not the toddlers. As much as I love toddlers I could not do it any longer!
It’s a nice daycare that I’m at. They were nice and welcoming :)
that is all for today tune in on Sunday for the Sunday social !
Have a great weekend!!
Jenn xo


  1. Hopefully it gets warmer soon! I'm in Florida, about 60-70F and I'm freezing! I am ready to have my warmth back!

    1. oh me to , i want my warmth back !

  2. Everywhere seems to be freezing at the moment! Ahhh!