Saturday, January 5, 2013

30 Before Thirty !

I finally got all my thoughts together to write 30 things I want to do before I turn the big 30
I have still 9 years till then so I have lots of time to do it !
30 Before Thirty
Get my licence
Get a tattoo
try hot yoga
read 100 books(I'm sure ill surpass that)
Visit NYC
Get married !
Have one child at least
Graduate from college
Move out
Get a job at a daycare
Do 10 DIY from pintrest
Have a car
Get level 3 ECE ( ill have my level 2 when I graduate)
Start own daycare
Own a home
Go down south (anywhere)
Go to Paris
Go on cruise
Fly first class
Watch 100 movies ( once again I'm sure ill surpass that)
Bake 20 recipes on my own (I don't know how to bake)
Learn sign language
Get an IPhone
Go on a road trip to anywhere
Buy another dog
Read the bible
Go to church again
Have a $500 shopping spree
Start a garden
Be 125 before or after kids (at some point)
There you have it, what are some things you would like to do before turning 30 or 40 or whatever age ?
Jenn xo

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