Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is my favourite Author
Yes I know she writes teen books and I am 21 years old , but those are the kind of books I LOVE to read
Its just the way their written I guess . by no means I can relate to the characters in the books cause there is no way that I can. but I just love them
Here are a list of her books that I have read and have not read , I plan on reading them by the end of 2013
 That Summer
 Someone Like You
 Keeping the Moon (Also released as Last Chance)
This Lullaby
 The Truth About Forever
 Just Listen
 Lock and Key
 Along for the Ride
What Happened to Goodbye?
What are your favorite authors ?
Jenn xo


  1. I will probably read teen books until I'm 80. There's just something about them. I just might have to check some of these books out - I don't think I've ever read anythign by her!

    1. I just finished reading the truth about forever, and it just about made me cry !

      thanks for the comment :)