Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Fever ; Oh How Pintresting

hey beauts
I'm sad to admit but I'm starting to get baby fever
with a few of my friends are pregnant and I work and study children all the time I just want to have my own ....
Not yet, not till I have my schooling down and career on track... whenever that may be.
so I decided to combine my baby fever with oh so how pintresting !
just some things I would like to do when I have a baby

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

 I just want a baby now !

Jenn xo


  1. do not get me started! My baby fever has been going on for over a year now! Us crazy ladies need to stop and smell the non smelly diapers huh!? lol

    1. hahah I know right, its worse for me because kids are my profession !

  2. oh and .... I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award <3 Go check it out on my page!

    1. thank you ! your awesome !
      see a great blog friendship growing here ! :)