Monday, December 31, 2012

As We Say Goodbye To 2012

I can not believe its going to be 2013 Tomorrow !
The year flew by like superman.
In 2012 I have had some great things happen like...
Having my first daycare job over the summer
We got digger!
Finally got a new laptop
Had my one year anniversary with the boyfriend
accomplished my first year of college
Had a job handed to me for when I graduate !
In 2012 There were some sad things happen like...
My brother moving to Germany (boy I do miss him)
An old friend died at the age of 87 he was like a grandfather to me
Found out I failed a course forcing me to take a summer course
Found out I will not be graduating with my friends in may because I failed another course (does that make me a bad daycare teacher?)
I will be graduating in 2014 now instead of 2013
Well happy new year to all of you !
My new years resolutions will be up on Wednesday
Jenn xo

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