Saturday, November 10, 2012

My misfourtune ; Guest Blogger

Hey guys got an awesome guest for you today !
But before I get to that I would like to tell you what happeend to me this week
I was walking to a burger place with my friends at school and all of a sudden something hit me in the head and I freaked out  can you guess what it is ? ... yep you got it a BIRD pooped on my head !  but apparently now I have good luck?
Well here is Sarah and she is AWESOME  and is my first guest poster !  so excited I hope her post makes you smile cuz it sure made me smile :)
Jenn xo
Hey there!!

I was SO excited when Jenn asked me to guest post!
I love reading her blog and was so excited to be apart of it for a day :)

My name is Sarah and I blog over at my little slice
of Internet space at Silly Incantations .
I don't blog about anything in particular just about life
at a 23 year old lady trying to make it in the
big world.

I graduated last December with a degree in
Elementary Education and am currently
substitute teaching hoping for a full time position next fall!

I love being with my friends, DIY-ing (i try to be crafty), country music
and good glass of wine.

That's me!
oh and that handsome boy is my boyfriend Caleb.

So anywhoos today i wanted to share somethings with you guys!
I wanted to share some things that make me happy or smile.
Now we all have those terrible-no-good-very-bad days but these few things
usually turn my day around or just plain ole' make me laugh.

an embarrassed walrus after receiving a fishy birthday cake!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Oh Ellen..

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
SO squishy!

I hope at least one of those made ya smile!

Thanks for letting me visit and come on over to Silly Incantations

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