Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being lazy ; Guestpost

Hello everyone I apologize for my absence!
I'm horrible I know but there will be more of me soon I have all kinds of posts planned I just have to find time to do it !
But I'm here to introduce to you Ana
she has become a friend of mine here in the blogging world and I love her to death and I love her blog and you should to !
Hello my beauts,
My name is Ana and i blog over at
Please feel free to come and over and stay for a while, maybe even have a chat.
Jenn asked me if i would like to do a guest post on her blog, and how could i say no, i enjoy Jenn's blog, i enjoy reading it and i enjoy finding out what she's been up to weather its at work (as we have similar jobs) or even in her daily life as she lives in Canada and i live in the United Kingdom, its ALWAYS nice to see the differences of our countries.

For my guest post i thought i would talk about something that i think can get most girls excited.. BOYS! :)
Channing Tatum has been voted the Sexiest man in the world recently, and i cant say i disagree too much, and i've always liked him even before the 'Magic Mike' hype, but i thought i would share with you some other Top Totty boys i like to dribble over, and then maybe you could share who yours are!

For me, no man comes close to this.. Enrique Iglesias. He is just pure perfection, not just his body, but his voice and how mellow he is, everything about this man screams out to me. I seriously think i have like an addiction to him! :) YUM

The second man of my dreams, would have to be none other then Mr Jhonny Depp, alot of my friends think i'm weird for liking him, but i think he is gorgeous, i dont see anything wrong with him, i lovee everything about this man.!!

And my final man for you girls to dribble over is quite a sad one, i loved this man while he was alive and still love him after he has now gone, it is just so saddening that i will never be able to watch him perform in a new film ever again! :( Mr Heath Ledger. This man's smile alone could light up the rooms he walked into, i'll never forget watching '10 things i hate about you' and thinking "i could NEVER hate this boy, whats the matter with Kat? LOL" He was beautiful inside and out, and he still remains one of my top 3 celeb boys to dribble over.

There are of course other celeb boys that i love to look at, dribble at and in all seriousness think of a plan to get to them, of course Channing makes the list, but then so does Zac Efron, and Joseph Levitt,  and Artem Chigvinstev etc etc.

Who are your celebs boy crushes? who do you like to gawp at for hours on end?!
I wana say a huge thank you to Jenn for allowing me some space on her blog to just generally chit chat with all of you.. please remember to come on over to my blog and join me, you could follow me on twitterInstagram and tumblr too.

Im always around for a chat! :) 
Ana X
Thank you Ana :)
Boys are lovely are they not ? who doesn't love pretty boys?
You will be hearing from me soon my lovelys
Jenn xo

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