Monday, October 1, 2012


Have you ever had a dream and wake up and think why did I dream about that person , or what did I dream of that ?
Well I'm gonna tell you that for the past two nights Ive have those kid of dreams.

First night I dreamt about a friend from Jr high she was in my gymnastics class and well my dream was set back in high school in my dream we went to the same school and at that high school the backstreet boys were playing  a concert and me and my friend had gotten chosen to go up on stage and dance and sing with them and I woke up and was like umm? . I have not talked to her in a few years its kind of weird.

Last night I dreamt of an ex boyfriend and we are biking on this long road , mind you we did used to bike from his house to mine it was a hour or so drive kind of weird.

Wonder what kind of dream ill have tonight


  1. Every once in a while I'll have a dream like that. Usually it's about the people I miss, but sometimes I'll dream about random people I used to know, but weren't exactly close with. Strange how the mind works.

    1. yes it is strange how the mind works. odly enough i dont remeber my dream last night. i just thought those two people i dreamt about was weird
      thanks for the comment :)