Saturday, September 1, 2012

I've Done My Time

Why Hello September !

Here in Nova Scotia September was welcomed by a crispy cool air it was nice, me and the pups went for a walk while Ory was at his brand new job :D , (tow trucking)
It was a nice walk I actually wore jeans.

As some of you know I was working at the daycare over the summer and Friday was my last day, it was a very emotional day for me , those kids became one of mine I already miss them and it was only yesterday .
I did not leave empty handed though, I was showered with flowers and cards
 That was my nickname for the schoolagers

 From the daycare owner

From the preschoolers, it was presented to me by my "boyfriend" of the daycare. he attached him self to me from the first day I had started as a student last September.
I sure will miss those kids , a lot of great memory's <3 hope to be back there again next summer !



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