Friday, September 21, 2012

hello rain

Its Friday , and my last day to be lazy before everything just falls in to pieces and I explode with all this school work.

Its raining here in Nova Scotia and has been since yesterday and will be till at least Sunday night ,I don't like rain at all it makes me feel all blah . and in the midst of it raining the boyfriend is off to get us coffee from Tim Hortons and a smiley cookie for me as well :)
For anyone who knows about Nova Scotia they would know when we get rain we get A LOT and it would be a smart thing to have rain boots but me nope don't have any :( I may just get some on Sunday
I hope everyone has a great weekend and had a great week ! 


  1. It´s a rainy weekend over here in germany as well :(

    Have a wonderful weekend anyway!

    Oh and I put an ad for your blog on my sidebar just now ;) it´s gonna shuffle with the other ones so hopefully it will send you some traffic to your cute blog!

    Smooches and thank you again for ordering your banner and button! It was a pleasure working with you!


  2. and its still raining her :(, it will be till tommrrow at least , and thanks :) i appreciate it !