Sunday, August 12, 2012

Confessions Sunday #6

It's Sunday it's Sunday !

This weekend has been very lazy did a whole lot of nothing , but its confessions time !

I think when my dog whimpers/barks in his sleep its cute!

I stayed until 11:30 on pintrest and didn't even realize !

I just finished my summer course and I cant wait to go back to school in September ? :S

I'm very lazy if i want to be

I cant wait to start coaching gymnastics again I miss my little kiddies

That's all for now , don't for get to link up ! :D


  1. don't worry about being lazy, because you have a friend here. i can be super-lazzy-ass sometimes, when i want to

    1. at least im not the only onee lol

    2. Oh gosh no! I can be super lazy too! Add me to the list of potential lazy creatures!

      New follower,
      Cerena @

    3. Oh, I can be super lazy too. Don't worry about it! :)

    4. we all can be lazy together ! :)

    5. Okay, I guess I'm joining the lazy club!! Count me in. :)

  2. Ack, whenever my dog whimpers, twitches or anything in her sleep it totally freaks me out. I'm like an overprotective mom and I'm totally ready to chase those nightmares away ;)