Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dads New House

This weekend i finally got to see my dads new "retirement home " , he is retiring in December, and i have to say it is a BEAUTIFUL home , he did good !. and id like to share pictures from the inside of his new home .
one side of my room that i stayed in

the other side of the room

living room / front entrance from the kitchen veiw

living room


bathroom with just the bathtub/jacuzzi and shower

bathroom with the toilet (pretty awesome wall paper )

step moms spa room

kitchen agian

living room agian

other side of living room

back entrance view


dads computer room

laundry room and behind the door is my dads room

I absolutely  love the house , i don't want to leave !


  1. Replies
    1. im dying to try it , i will next time i visit him !

  2. the house looks big and so cute! im in love with the tub! :) *swit swoon* X

    1. it is big !, it has 1 and half acres of background !