Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still sick..

.. ill live
Iv been here sneezing up a storm and now iv taken daytime cold medicine and im all spacey that's the whole reason why I don't like taking cold medicine but Ineed to take it as I have class tonight.

But moving on...

Saturday at work we had what we call a Fun Meet and the kids go and show their parents the routines that they have been learning over the 2 months and they get ribbons. its like a mini competition for the children.
For the kids of mine that showed up to do the fun meet they all did fairly good none of them really needed any help remembering their routines and when they did their classmates helped them out which i found great. One boy I have coached for 4 years now and this is his last year of gymnastics but for the last 3 fun meets he forgot his routines and just got up on the beam and walked across it and jumped off... NOT THIS TIME ! I couldn't be anymore proud of him he got up on the beam and did his routine with out any help ! it made me feel so good :)

Now i have to get ready for class and kinda clean as i am going to the boyfriends moms place tonight!

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