Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lets Have Some Fun :)

A few friends and I from school decided to go camping by a friends lake. mind you i dont like camping but for what it is worth it was fun!

  1. the start of the night the two cousins Shelby (in red) Tiana (in green)
  2. Lakyn and I ( think i got a lazy i or something)
  3. Lakyn, Shelby and I
  4. This picure there are no words for this one. * the guy is Lakyn's boyfriend Teddy (Theodore)
  5. Well this is Shelby and I on a regualr baises
  6. Im pretty sure i was saying something but who knows it was a good time
  7. Shelby standing in the fire
over all the trip was fun and i was glad to see my friends agian dont get to see them very often the pictures you see here is what you would see from me and my friends on a daily baises were are FAR from normal !


  1. This is a great post, and im like you not a camper at all, but if i had the chance to go camping with my friends, in a big group i would so join in with the fun! :) your friends remind me of mine! :P WEIRDOS!! :) gotta love them

    1. And i wouldnt undermind the word Weirdos, were a bit extreme, we are studying early childhood education so we can get a bit crazy as we casually walk down the street with pylons hah !

      Jenn xo