Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lets Celebrate !

It's the weekend and its also Canada day weekend, Canada day is tomorrow, there will be fireworks and free concerts of some type going on everywhere in the city.

The boyfriend and I  are going to my moms house today to cat/house sit for the night while they go to some bird sanctuary ( mom loves to take pictures . i just might post some of her nice pictures sometime).  then tomorrow night we will be going to the fireworks to celebrate Canada day. as Monday is a holiday we wont be doing a lot  it will be my last relaxing day before I start my work term at the daycare for the summer, ill try to make some posts I promise its going to happen !

The boyfriend and I watch greys anatomy everyday it seems we are trying to catch up on the episodes , and well we almost have made it we are on season 7 out of 8. I have to say I'm addicted

What are you doing for the weekend and what are your favorite shows ?

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