Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just a few things.

First of id like to say I'M STILL SICK! ... I'm never sick this long its been since Tuesday . Saturday at work i got sent home early because my voice was gone and the kids could not hear me!
BUT on the plus side I'm feeling a bit better after having a 4 hour nap yesterday and sleeping a full 10 hours last night .

Second of all id like to say Happy Fathers Day to my Daddy <3
I'm a daddy's girl . I always have been & always will be , me and my dad are so close and so much alike we are 30 years and 2 days apart. even though he lives 2 hours away and even though I don't get to see him very often hes still my daddy and i love him to death <3
A few weeks back my dad had told me that he was retiring from the military which was a HUGE shock, never thought he would ever retire from the military. him and my step mom bought a retirement home not too far from where he lives now. cant wait to visit him !

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