Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a Lazy Friday !

Its for sure a lazy Friday for me iv worked for the past 2 days.And for you that don't know I work with children, im allowed to have a lazy day right ?...
Don't get me wrong I love working with kids but working with kids can be tiring. My life is all about kids I work with kids I go home and there are kids the because my mom has a daycare at home.

I'm having what you would call a vacation at my boyfriends moms house im sitting here on the computer and doing nothing at all, ALL day while they play on the Super Nintendo all day. 

Tomorrow im at my other job with kids ( coaching gymnastics) and tomorrow were having what you call a Fun Meet for the children where they show off routines that they have been learning for the past 2 months to their families and friends. they get ribbons and medals like they would at any competition . What i think is the most exciting for them is the Popsicle they get at the end of their session haha. look for a post about how the fun meet went until then im having a lazy day !

what do you guys do on a lazy day ? 


  1. :) i work with kids too, in a nursery or daycare as they may say over there in canada! :) its the most tiring job ever.. i think its brilliant you coach gymnastics.. thatsounds like great fun.
    LAZY DAY = Bed, duvet, movies, music and my laptop! :) haha

    1. oh yes it is the most tiring job ever !, iv been coaching gymnastics for about 6 years now !

      jenn xo